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Where Builder meets Bond

Meet Bruce the Builder

Bruce is a highly experienced Designer, Builder and Realtor and has designed and built countless custom homes and mansions, multi-family, commercial, a museum, hotel, heritage restorations, movable buildings out of a variety of building methods.

Bruce also invested in a Private Military Partnership Company that trains the US Special Forces in Counter Terrorism as he believes nothing is more important than protecting Freedom and Democracy.

Bruce decided to combine these two endeavors to design and build high end Armageddon Homes.

Visit his website at: www.brucebrady.com

Types of Construction

Rammed Earth with or without Insulation in the middle.

Solid Concrete inside and out with Insulation in the middle.

Insulation inside and out and solid concrete in the middle.

Metal posts and beams with insulation in metal stud walls.

Solid Wood thru the walls and insulation set inside the joints.

Insulation inside the framed wall of the post and beam structure.

Straw Bale with natural earth stucco exterior and interior.

Wood Panel inside and out and insulation in the middle.

Standard wood frame wall. joist and truss construction.

Types of Security

Homes you can check on and shut down from anywhere in the World.

Solar Power, Geothermal, Rainwater, Microgreen, off grid.

Beautiful and functionable Secure Armageddon Homes.

Fire, Tornado, Hurricane and Mother Nature Proof.

Safe from Criminals, Attacks and Home Invasions.

Bomb and Bullet proof with offensive and defensive systems.